Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Corsi didn't help Tyler Dellow and Kyle Dubas

It is now June and the 2014-15 regular season has come to a close. With the Edmonton Oilers and the Toronto Maple Leafs looking at an early summer, a new question arises:

Where are the supporters of Corsi now?

The proponents of Corsi state their numbers are incapable of failure when they say certain trends exist. 

Why then did Kyle Dubas and Tyler Dellow fail to bring their team into the post-season?

In the infamous "summer of analytics", four former bloggers and an analytically minded general manager of the OHL were all hired by NHL managements. Out of the basements and into the big leagues.

Why then did Corsi not bring the two highest profile hires into the playoffs?

The answer is that Corsi failed them.

If you hire a good coach with Stanley Cup experience, you will go to the playoffs. Same if you sign a smart, veteran leader out of free agency.

Want to improve your team? Get someone who knows the game. Bring in a good scouting team.

The truth is: that Corsi is with faults and therefore useless.

Two teams added high-profile numbers guys into their management. The same two teams failed to reach playoffs.

This is a confirmation of an unbiased fact.

Note to self: publish this in June if this happens.

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