Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Stop talking about Corsi

I get it... Here comes this new thing called Corsi. Its becoming the popular new thing. The hot topic.

Shot metrics have risen in popularity for a reason; they work. As long as you care about finding the teams that are more likely to outscore and therefore win, and the players that lead to those things, Corsi will matter.

Still, their newness to the mass public and fast rise in fame has also caused a bit of a fad effect, which I'm sure is annoying for some.

Here's the thing though... There are only three ways we will see ever the end of Corsi:

1) Dramatic changes in rules and/or style of hockey that substantially changes the way the game is played and won.

2) A new metric is discovered that improves upon Corsi.

3) People stop caring about winning.

The first won't happen for a long, long while.

The second will likely happen in time, but this only creates a new metric for everyone to talk about.

The third...

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