Thursday, 26 June 2014

A start...

Not long ago, I was considering creating a venue to express my thoughts on hockey. I was (and still am) blogging at Arctic Ice Hockey, which gave me a venue to express some thoughts on the Jets. But, there are times where I have thoughts that are too general for AIH. Or maybe too informal, or not of the quality standard I set for that site.

I expressed interest on twitter in regards to creating a new blog for such a thing, but that evolved into a much larger project with Wendorf and Garik that is now known as Hockey-Graphs.

So now here I am, still without out a venue to vent the thoughts that cross my mind but are too long for me to express on twitter without flooding peoples timeline... Well, until now.

That's what this is. It's just a source for me to dump out things that cross through my mind but in an informal manner and without much commitment.

There will be introductions to research I'm doing for AIH or H-G, but for the most part it will just be my thoughts "out-loud" with little censoring, editing, timeline, deadline or spellcheck. 

Sometimes I will say things "in the moment"... which will likely be less researched or definite as my work on AIH or H-G. Think of it as more an inside look into my thought process than a final or completed piece of work.

Enjoy, or not. Up to you.

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